Sikirica Gallery and cultural heritage of the city of Sinj

Sinj, Croatia; Trilj, Croatia
Est. --- / 10 mins

Sikirica Gallery and cultural heritage of the city of Sinj - Cya On The Road

Sikirica Gallery is named after academic sculptor, Stipe Sikirica, who donated his entire opus to the city of Sinj, or in his words, to all the people of Sinj and Cetina region, who were his primary inspiration. Therefore his opus is undistinguishable from people and the tradition of Sinj and Cetina region. Since Stipe Sikirica was born in small village in the city's countryside, as a young academic student, he decided to dedicate his future artwork to the motives he was a part of and withnessed as a child: traditional way of living and Alka tournament.The Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition held in the town of Sinj every first Sunday in August since 1717. It commemorates a Croatian-Venetian victory over Ottomans on August 14, 1715 in which the local Christian population of around 700 Croats in cooperation with a smaller number of Venetians managed to defend Sinj against 60,000 Ottoman soldiers. The people of Sinj believe that the Lady of Sinj miraculously drove away Ottomans, thus helping them to defend their town. The Alka itself is an equestrian competition in which various horsemen riding at full gallop aim their lances at a hanging metal ring (alka), and are awarded points according to which sector of the ring they are able to pierce. In 2010, the Alka was inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage ListsGallery is located inside Alka Knights Court, a historical location built in 18. century.

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