Tour through Istanbul

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Est. 11.3km / 4 hrs / Map

Tour through Istanbul - Cya On The Road

Istanbul “the gateway to east Asia” is one of the most unique cities in the world. This tour will guide you through the winding streets to ensure you see the all the best bits this eccentric city has to offer. Cultural, historical, and gastronomical delights await you in the gateway to East Asia. The tour will take you all over the city, and pass on some of its secrets as well as giving you a really good introduction into the daily lives of the Istanbul Turkish people. You’ll be directed to where to find the best fish, spices, tea and of course, baklava. Your trusty guide will take you through the never-ending streets to the best hammam for a full body scrub, the most delicious baklava, the location of the biggest chandelier in the world and the perfect place to have a coffee and people watch. Stopping off along the way to view outstanding mosques, museums, coffee shops, and of course the best places to shop for spices, dried fruit, textiles, and so much more.

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