"Forgotten" Gems of Istanbul

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Distance: 1 km (Map)

"Forgotten" Gems of Istanbul - Cya On The Road

In this heritage walk, we are going to visit three landmarks in today’s Saraçhane region on the historical peninsula of Istanbul to re-discover the heritage value and significance of each site. First, we start walking from the Aqueduct of Valens which is one of the prominent examples of urban aqueducts, then we will be seeing one of the few still standing honorific columns of Istanbul, the Column of Marcian and then our tour will come to the end at the Church of Saint Polyeuktos. During this chronological heritage walk, we will not only be hearing about the history and historical use of the landmarks but also there will be some information about the current meaning, perception, use, and plans about the sites.

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