Köstem Olive Oil Museum

Izmir, Izmir, Turkey
Est. --- / 32 mins / Map

Köstem Olive Oil Museum - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the world’s largest olive oil museum…Köstem Olive Oil Museum which exhibits all olive oil production technologies ever used in the soil of the modern Turkey, additionally maintains the vision of becoming an Exploratorium with the functions of education, science, art and design.Köstem Olive Oil Museum was founded by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Köstem and his wife, a retired teacher Mrs. Güler Köstem is in the Uzunkuyu village of Urla, İzmir.Works on Köstem Olive Oil Museum which occupies an area of 20 thousand square meters was started in 2002 as a large-scale and ambitious project. With the generous help and consultancy of Prof. Dr. Güven Bakır who leaded the excavation project of Klazomenai and Ali Ertan İplikçi, Kostem family invested 17 years on field search and collection. Museum building itself was inspired by industrial architecture.Köstem Olive Oil Museum’s key goal is exhibiting all olive oil production technologies and mechanisms used in Anatolia with the original 1/1 scale and highlighting the importance of İzmir peninsula and Aegean region in the culture of olive and olive oil.The Museum where collections are exhibited in chronological order is the second industry museum following the RMK Museum in Istanbul. Furthermore, the Soap and Personal Hygiene section are scheduled to open for visitors next year.The Star of the Museum: Olive Oil Plant of Klazomenai from 6th Century B.C.Klazomenai Olive Oil Plant is the most eye-catching part of the Museum without any doubt. The massive wood structure is the 1/1 rebuild of the original plant excavated in Urla İskele between 1992 and 1998.Köstem Olive Oil Museum Sections:- Olive oil technologies- Information areas on olive and olive oil culture- Modern olive oil plant and storage units- Olive tree collection garden- Wood and ceramic workshops- Children’s play and experience areas- A Museum shop where the products of Köstem Organic Farm and nearby villages are sold including olive oil, soap, olives, wine, cheese and more.- Restaurant- Accommodation (coming soon)For further information please visit our web site.

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