Tour over Athens

Athens, Attiki, Greece
Distance: 5 km (Map)

Tour over Athens - Cya On The Road

Athens, the city of ancient glory and the once cultural center of the world. One of the most sought-after destinations for tourists and native Greeks alike. The roads in the historical areas of Athens are specifically designed for pedestrians. This tour follows the pedestrian routes, and guides you though all the major attractions of the city. Put on your sneakers, grab a water bottle and prepare yourselves for the magnificent temples of the ancient gods, the Acropolis, the awe-inspiring Parthenon, and the remnants of the Roman years. The history of Athens begins almost 3000 years ago, when the first Greeks founded a small society atop the Rock of Acropolis. However, it took many centuries for Athens to reach its peak, during the 5th century BC, under the reign of Pericles, the king who brought Athens into its "Golden Age". It was the apex of civilization, culture, and knowledge. Philosophers, artists, and cultured men from all over the world gathered in Athens, drawn by its prestige and reputation. Athenians took great pride in their origin, and considered themselves native Greeks, in contrast with the rest of the Greek population, who had emigrated to the peninsula. According to the myths, the name of the city originated like this: Athena, goddess of wisdom, and Poseidon, god of the sea, were fighting for dominion over the city. They decided to sort out the dispute with a competition. Each would demonstrate their powers, and prove who was more suitable to sire the city. Poseidon struck a cliff with his trident and water flowed from it, but his water was saltwater, so it wasn't of much use to the Athenians. Athena struck the earth and made an olive tree bloom and bear fruit, promising bountiful crops, timber and merchandise. She was named winner of the competition and protector of the city. This is why Athena is depicted with an olive branch quite often. Athens experienced many glories and defeats, it rose and fell, it was conquered and plundered, until it was renamed as the capital of Greece near the mid-19th century, after the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire and nearly 400 years of Ottoman rule. Many known individuals have come from Athens, philosophers, rulers, mathematicians and historical figures. The list could go on indefinitely! Enjoy your tour and wander through the nostalgia of the past and the classic beauty of the city that is now known as the cradle of Democracy.

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