Chania, Crete, Greece
Est. 4.2km / 1 hr 41 mins / Map

Welcome to Chania! (1:48)

Chania - Cya On The Road

We are pleased to welcome you to one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Mediterranean - the city of Chania on the island of Crete.

We offer you to take advantage of our audio excursion and make a trip through the depths of history and see the monuments of different eras and cultures.

You will visit the excavations of ancient Kydonia, a settlement of the Minoan period, founded, according to legend, by King Minos himself. The valuable finds collected during excavations are exhibited in the halls of the Archaeological Museum on Khalidon Street.

You can walk along the walls of the Byzantine citadel, enjoy the beautiful promenade of the Venetian harbour with its famous lighthouse, see the hidden in the alleys houses of the Venetian nobility and the Jewish quarter.

We will tell you about the siege and capture of the Venetian Canea and its transformation into the Ottoman Chania with mosques, minarets and hamams. You will see evidence of the local Greek population struggle for freedom and the birth of an independent modern Greek state.

Bold in its design and execution, Operation Mercury, the German airborne invasion of Crete, opens one of the most tragic pages of Chania's history, the period of German occupation of the island during the Second World War. For those who love military history, we recommend visiting the Maritime Museum in the city's harbour.

Our audioguide consists of independent stories. You can start your journey anywhere in the city.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting walk through the city of Chania. We would be delighted if you could give us your feedback at the end of the tour and visit to support our efforts.

Thank you for choosing our audioguide!

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