Discovering ottoman cultural heritage-Belgrade

Belgrade, Centralna Srbija, Serbia
Est. 4.5km / 1 hr 30 mins

Discovering ottoman cultural heritage-Belgrade - Cya On The Road

Belgrade has always been a city of really good and desirable strategic position. It is located at theconfluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, and the intersection of Western and Oriental Europe. Thisfeature represents the most influencing factor in shaping its rich history, and it still continuousnowadays.Throughout many centuries, it has been striking attention to the greatest concurs Europe had everseen, from Roman emperors, Attila the Hun, Byzantine, and Ottoman emperors.Because of that, many cultures were continuously replacing each other, leaving behind differentimpacts. However, as all of these shifts of rulers were followed by harsh wars, the city was razed tothe ground more than 40 times. This had a direct consequence in deleting without a trace a greatdeal of valuable cultural heritage sites.Our tour today is going to be dedicated to the oriental examples of architecture, a style brought inthis area by Ottomans, during their enrolment in Belgrade.

by Discovering ottoman cultural heritage
This tour is about traces of oriental culture in three cities-Belgrade, Mostar and Tirana. Each one is available on three languages.

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