Kyustendil, Bulgaria
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Kyustendil - Cya On The Road

Kyustendil is one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns - there are eight thousandth history of settlement life and more than 1900 - year urban tradition. It is called the "city of painters", "the orchard of Bulgaria" and especially "a place touched by the Gods." Unique works of artists such as Vladimir Dimitrov -Maystora, Kiril Tsonev and Stoyan Venev is not only regional but also national heritage. Natural wealth in the Kyustendil region boasts high quality and European standard of Kyustendil fruits like apple and cherry - desired commercial product in several European countries. Situated at the foot of the mountain Osogovo, the city is an important spa and tourist center of national and international importance, archaeological and architectural reserve and starting point for hiking and skiing - sports. Kyustendil captivates with its rich history, beautiful nature, mineral springs, fertile orchards and smiling people. In the millennial existence under Hisarlaka city had famous names Pautalia, Ulpiya Pautalia, Pautalia Aurelius Velbuzhd, Konstantinova bathroom, Kolasia and in recent times Kyustendil. Curious travelers who never visited the regional center, located near the border of Bulgaria with neighboring Macedonia can become acquainted with the various tourist sites, some of them monuments of ancient languages and cultures. We wish you pleasant moments with our audio trip!

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