Riga Cinema Map

Riga, Latvia
Est. 49.6km / 1 hr 52 mins / Map

Riga Cinema Map - Cya On The Road

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a true cinematic city: over the course of its history it has been a production place for both Latvian and foreign films, often revealing many sides of the city in these films. The architectural diversity of Riga offers many options in film: Riga can be London, Berlin or just a City as such, as well as Riga itself – with its art nouveau, the maze of the small streets of the Old Town, the typical view of the Soviet bloc houses. It can surprise the viewer by revealing some previously unseen sites, and point out something new in familiar scenery.The Riga Film Museum has created this Cinema Map as a guide to explore Riga while learning about the history of Latvian cinema. It leads to places worth visiting, and scenery and objects from films that deserve to be remembered. A more extensive version of the map can be found online: www.kinomuzejs.lv/karte. Let’s get started!

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