Żabbar cultural and historical places tour

Żabbar, Malta; Marsaskala, Malta
Est. 7.5km / 2 hrs 57 mins / Map

This is a walking tour around the cultural and historical places in Żabbar area, many of them are in walking distance from each other. However, there is no order on how to follow this tour. The idea behind this tour was that we often pass through our villages, and while we notice monuments and places of interest, there is no information available. This app has the objective that in a short note, it gives some detail about these places. Prehistoric, Punic and Roman remains, have been found in the area. The village was constantly populated since medieval times. In 1616, Żabbar, became an independent parish and started to form its own identity. In 1797 the last grandmaster of the Order of Saint John, Hompesch, gave the honourable title of 'Gratiosa Città Hompesch' to the village. The village had its ups and downs during the course of history. Edifices and monuments stand to testify for this.

Żabbar cultural and historical places tour - Cya On The Road

Hope you find this tour interesting and appreciate more the past of our village. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. When using this App, please pay attention to vehicles and other road hazards. 

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