Malta Rural Tours

Rabat, Malta; Marsaskala, Malta; Dingli, Malta; Mdina, Malta; Mġarr, Malta; Nadur, Malta; Żebbuġ, Malta; Żejtun, Malta
Distance: 109 km

Malta Rural Tours - Cya On The Road

Sun, sea, nightlife, and culture are probably the keywords that come to mind when mentioning Malta. Amongst other attractions, Valletta, St. Julian, the Blue Lagoon and Mdina are a must for visitors who, each year, choose the Maltese islands as destination for their holidays. We cannot deny that these locations are wonderful, but we can tell you that there’s more… not very far there are places where you can walk away from the busy city life and breathe the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the countryside, while enjoying the stunning landscapes and the cultural diversity that the Maltese archipelago has to offer. Would you like to know what we’re talking about? Come with us! Merill has created a network that brings together a number of farmers, breeders and artisans, through which tourists and locals have the opportunity to experience these beautiful rural areas and consume genuine local products. The staff of Merill will guide you in the discovery of secret locations, still unknown to the majority of tourists: you will get to know restless workers, who understand the importance of their traditional rural culture, which they adopt in their daily routines. They are the greatest Malta lovers, and you will experience their passion by tasting what they produce… at Merill, we know that there’s nothing better than a sip of wine or a bite of bread to get to know a territory. If you choose one of the Merill’s tours, you choose sustainability: whatever you’re going to experience is 100% eco-friendly. Now it’s up to you! Thanks to this interactive guide, you can virtually wander around the more-hidden side of the Maltese Islands and discover the Merill Rural Network. Interesting, isn’t it?

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