Marsaxlokk's Waterfront

Marsaxlokk, Malta
Est. 1.7km / 1 hr

Marsaxlokk's Waterfront - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Marsaxlokk.We are pleased to escort you for the next hour around the waterfront area and surroundings, to introduce you to some of the characteristic sites, icons and history of one of the last traditional fishing villages in Malta. Marsaxlokk holds over 75% of the fishermen in Malta.The production of this tour is a joint effort of the fishing community, and collects stories and local knowledge to provide you with a better inside of all the hidden gems that Marsaxlokk has to offer.We will start at the Parish church and walk all the waterfront until we arrive to the last site, Fort Saint Lucian, where we will enjoy a rewarding view of the bay and all the harbour which includes Birzebbugia.We want to inform you that this route passes along two swimming spots, and every Sunday there is the open market on the promenade, which includes an added extra charm in this schedule.Please, do not hesitate to leave us a comment about your experience at the end. Thank you.

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