House - Museum of D.yev

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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House - Museum of D.yev - Cya On The Road

D. Kunaev was the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR and the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Three times Hero of Socialist Labor, was awarded eight orders of Lenin, Order of Red Banner of Labor, World War 1-st degree, medals. D. Kunaev is also the author of 10 scientific books and studies.On the day of the 100th anniversary of well-known Kazakh politician Dinmukhamed Kunaev was the opening ceremony of the house-museum in his honor in Almaty. This museum is unique for authenticity of its exhibits. There are personal things of Dimash Akhmedovich, technical library, reference and fiction, art albums, books with dedicatory inscriptions of authors, furniture, household items, gifts for anniversaries, and numerous exhibits describing his hobbies.The special value of the museum consists of the completeness and authenticity of the memorial apartment's interior. The exhibited materials represent us how humble and simple man, Dinmuhamed Kunaev, lived. Moreover, Memorial house - museum of D.ev is a meeting place of History with one of its creators. This happens, because such museums bring back memories of past events and establish contact between the visitor and the history of the house.

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