Museum of National Instruments of Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Museum of national musical instruments is located on the eastern side of the 28 Panfilov soldiers park. This wooden construction was built in 1908, the same year as the Holy ascencision cathedral. Up until 1980, the building was used for several different purposes; for instance, many official military meetings and the house of government officials, until eventually it became the museum of national musical instruments of Kazakhstan in 1980.

Museum of National Instruments of Kazakhstan - Cya On The Road

The museum was named after one of the greatest musicians - Iklas, who was actively promoting national art and preservation of the national instruments.

The exposition of the museum holds over than 60 types of national musical intruments. Some of them were mainly presented by the central national museum of Kazakhstan.

Some were discovered as a result of investigating several myths and written evidence. Several instruments were  bought from local masters. On the front gates of the building you can observe a sculpture of one of the national instruments - narkobyz.

The halls of the museum are filled with various personal musical instruments of the past composers. Walking through the halls, you can find out how kazakhs created one of the worlds richest musical heritage.

One of the parts of the museum is dedicated to the National academical orchestra of national instruments of Kurmangazy.

The expositions of the museum also hold a range of turkic musical instruments as well as many other nations around the world.

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