Kostanay-you never knew

Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Distance: 2 km
by Экскурсионное бюро BESTkz

Kostanay-you never knew - Cya On The Road

The history of our city begins with the education of Nicholas County. 27 November 1868 year Orenburg Governor General N.А. Kryzhanov makes an order addressed to the military Governor of L.V. Baluzeka on the establishment at that time in the area of four Torghay districts: Ileck, Irgiz, Torghay and Nikolay (Kostanay). Finally, Nicholas County was formed in March of the year 1869. By the beginning of 1895, he obtained the title of Kostanay. Education City of Kostanay starts its history in the year 1879. Initially our city wanted to arrange in the tract Urdabaj, today it is roughly the territory of current Chapaev cottages on "rudensk". This was the opinion of the surveyor general staff Colonel Tillo. Nevertheless, because of the adverse geography and magnitude of the spill of the Tobol River, it has been decided to postpone the 8 km downstream, in Kostanay.The city is already over a hundred years of living, thriving and growing with each passing day. Urban land area is 240 square kilometers. The population of the city and region 232 000 more than 880 000.

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