Rhapsody of Fire & Water

Thị Xã Gia Nghĩa, Vietnam; Huyện Đắk Glong, Vietnam; Huyện Krông Nô, Vietnam; Huyện Krông Ana, Vietnam
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Rhapsody of Fire & Water - Cya On The Road

Dak Nong Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark, The Land of sounds - invites you along the route "RHAPSODY OF FIRE AND WATER", beginning from Gia Nghia and ending at Gia Long waterfall. Majestic volcanoes like those existing today in the Hawaii Islands, which were active here until 10,000 years ago and are now historical sites linked with Vietnamese independence will be for you, throughout the day, the sound of fire. A wonderful waterfall, rice field landscape, and rain weathering the soils to create new minerals will be the sound of water. All these sites constitute a piece of music with no formal structure but expresses powerful feelings: a rhapsody - The RHAPSODY OF FIRE AND WATER.

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