Sound of the Earth

Thị Xã Gia Nghĩa, Vietnam; Huyện Đắk Glong, Vietnam; Huyện Bảo Lâm, Vietnam
Est. 84.8km / 2 hrs 10 mins / Map

Dak Nong Aspiring UNESCO Geopark, the land of sounds, invites you along the route "SOUNDS OF THE EARTH", beginning from Gia Nghia and ending at Ta Dung Lake.

Sound of the Earth - Cya On The Road

Lithophones playing magical stone music from 5,000 years ago. Gongs made from different minerals, which are designated as UNESCO intangible heritage. Amazing rivers and waterfalls. A sacred giant banyan tree. A lake resembling a “miniature Ha Long Bay ". Tropical evergreen forest and the rich sound of its diverse living fauna. An organic farm...  All these surprising sites and sounds are a hymn from the Earth and a story of mankind. They constitute the music and identity of this road: SOUNDS OF THE EARTH.

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