Wind of Change Concerto

Huyện Cư Jút, Vietnam; Huyện Đắk Mil, Vietnam; Huyện Đắk Song, Vietnam
Est. 87.6km / 2 hrs 17 mins

Wind of Change Concerto - Cya On The Road

Dak Nong Aspiring UNESCO Geopark, the land of sounds, invites you along the route "WIND OF CHANGE CONCERTO", beginning from Cu Jut and ending in Gia Nghia. Here, volcanoes have changed, through their lava flows, the past landscapes of this area. Important historical sites have been created to strongly express Vietnamese independence. Organic farms show a new path for a change to better sustainable use and dialogue with our planet. Several of these sites are associated with the wind and all of them are indicators of change. They constitute the music and identity of this road, a concerto; WIND OF CHANGE CONCERTO.

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