Aram Khachaturian museum

Yerevan, Armenia
Est. --- / 46 mins / Map

We are greatly pleased to invite to the museum of world known Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian to get acquainted with his life and professional career, to enjoy the outstanding composer's wonderful music.The excursions in the museum are synchronized with background music and video presentation. Various cultural events take place in the luxurious concert hall of the museum. Famous musicians from Armenia and abroad participate in the concerts.The sound library encompasses a unique collection of CD-s and DVD-s. Here you can enjoy masterpieces from world classical music treasury. 

Aram Khachaturian museum - Cya On The Road

Today the museum collection numbers 18000 pieces. About 13000 of them are in the essential collection. Materials have arrived and continue to arrive from friends, colleagues, pupils, the Armenian and foreign admires of the composer, the Armenian diaspora of different countries

"More light,- Aram Khachaturian wrote,- more wood and less matter...".Today we can say that his dream has come true... 

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