Yerevan Kaleidoscope

Yerevan, Armenia
Est. 5.6km / 1 hr 52 mins / Map

Yerevan Kaleidoscope - Cya On The Road

Dear friends, I invite you on a fascinating trip through Yerevan. Yerevan’s history starts in 782 BC with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni, the walls of which are still standing. Think about it, just how many cities in the world can boast of having their birth date Before Christ? Armenian legends trace the founding of Yerevan to Noah and attribute the origin of the name to a derivation from an expression exclaimed by Noah: “Yerevats!” (“It appeared!”) which Noah is believed to have uttered on seeing the top of Little Ararat appearing from the surrounding water.…An ancient and young, a wise and childishly naive, a proud and reserved, a majestic and yet touching city – riches and poverty – everything can be seen here in the city of contrasts. We will get a bird’s eye view on the city, we will see old houses and new neighborhoods, we will go down the marble steps of the Yerevan Cascade, admire the modernistic sculptures, we will visit Yerevan’s oldest church, we will be surprised by the incredible imagination of children, we will enjoy classical music and maybe even listen to some jazz… we will drink cold water from public water fountains – pulpulaks. We will stop by ancient khachkars and listen to the music set in stone. We will enter the Blue Mosque, sit under the tree where great Armenian writers and artists once sat and held lengthy discussions; we will visit the market place where camel caravans once stopped. We will rest in the coolness of temples of worship and learn about Armenia’s main symbol located beyond its limits.

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