Eduard Isabekyan Gallery Yerevan

Yerevan, Armenia
Est. --- / 2 hrs 34 mins / Map

Eduard Isabekyan Gallery Yerevan - Cya On The Road

In 2013 (unfortunately after the artist’s death in 2007) Eduard Isabekyan gallery opened its doors to the public. 28 paintings, which were presented to the city by artist’s family, are exhibited here.In a very short time Eduard Isabekyan gallery became an essential part of the cultural life of Yerevan. The integration was facilitated by different events dedicated to artist’s life and creative activity, such as exhibitions, lectures and discussions. In addition, the gallery promotes Eduard Isabekyan’s art in social networks. The activities of the gallery are directed by Irina Isabekyan.Now, you can take a tour by two floors of Eduard Isabekyan gallery with the help of our audioguide about the exhibits.Welcome!

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