Albert and Tove Boyajian Gallery State Academy of Fine Arts of ARMENIA

Yerevan, Armenia
Est. --- / 6 hrs 16 mins

We cordially invite you to ''Albert & Tove Boyajian'' Gallery.  The gallery is the part of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Before entering the Gallery lets introduce a little bit the activities of the Academy of Fine Arts. 

Albert and Tove Boyajian Gallery  State Academy of Fine Arts of ARMENIA - Cya On The Road

Foundation of the Institute of Fine Arts (currently: Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts) in Yerevan was an exceptional event in the centuries-old Armenian cultural life. 

It was founded in 1945. Professor and honored artist of RA Mr. Aram Isabekyan is the provost of the University.

Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts has 70 years of history. Its fundamental values have been developed throughout the decades of its existence, which unite several generations of professors and students and distinguish its exclusive role in the development of Armenian culture. Since its establishment the Academy operated jointly with the Institute of Theatre to become a stand-alone institution of higher education in 1994. Currently it has two branches in Gyumri and Dilijan. Academy and its branches are equipped with the necessary studios, laboratories and computer labs. It has a library and GALLERY. The mission of Academy is to prepare highly qualified specialists for various fields of art. Teaching is conducted based on the following specialties: painting, sculpture, graphics, art, design, .applied art, fashion design, computer graphics.

Credit system is implemented in the University. Teaching is performed with the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s program- 4 years

Master's program - 2 years

PhD program – 3 years

Admission of foreigners is carried out in accordance with the rules approved by the RA Government. Academy organizes preparatory courses for the foreign applicants on the following professional subjects: drawing, painting, sculpture, composition as well as lessons of Armenian and Russian languages. After successfull completion of these subjects they get admitted to the first course of the relevant department. Academy provides students in need with hostel. Students who are admitted to the University by State Order, including students from Diaspora, receive scholarship according to the established rules.

 The doors of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts are opened in front of each person who is gifted, endowed with inborn talent and dedicated to art.


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