Arpenik Nalbandyan. Virtual museum

Yerevan, Armenia
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Arpenik Nalbandyan. Virtual museum - Cya On The Road

The history of the Armenian fine arts includes individuals, whose names have constituted its golden pages in order to enrapture and keep on enrapturing generations.Arpenik Nalbandyan: The purpose of this virtual museum is to introduce you the art of Arpenik Nalbandyan, who have long been the flower of the national fine arts.Honored artist Arpenik Nalbandyan made easel paintings. Her works prove that that beautiful world of painting is dear to our people due to its emotionality: it charges human soul and mind.During 25 years of her creative activity A. Nalbandyan created around 300 hundred paintings, which can be found in Armenian National gallery (about 45 works), Georgian National gallery, Gyumri gallery, in private collections.This virtual museum is devoted to the 100ths anniversary of Arpenik Nalbandyan (1916-1964).

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