Geological Monuments of Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia; Garni, Armenia; Dvin, Armenia; Charencavan, Armenia; Eghvard, Armenia; Aragats (Aparani Shrj.), Armenia; Dzorakap, Armenia; Gnishik, Armenia; Jermuk, Armenia; Tatev, Armenia; Goris, Armenia; Teghut, Armenia; Enoqavan, Armenia; Dilijan, Armenia; Sevan, Armenia
Distance: 1,276 km (Map)

Geological Monuments of Armenia - Cya On The Road

Geological monuments are considered valuable and rare natural formations and landscapes, resulting from various geological processes and having scientific, educational and aesthetic significance. Geological monuments are divided into the following main groups: volcanic, exogenous, tectonic, magmatic, mineralogical, paleontological, hydro-geological and mineral deposits.

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