Yerevan, Armenia
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    Welcome to the house-museum of Khachatur Abovyan


    About the museum

    The house of Khachatur Abovyan is one of the innermost sanctuaries of the Armenians. The house was closed in the past.  After the establishment of Soviet power, according to the decision of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Armenian SSR issued on April 25, 1838, the writer’s house in Kanaker was reconstructed and in the end of 1939 it became a house-museum.

      In 1964 the Inter-Museum Council passed a resolution that the house-museum would present a cultural institution build and furnished in principle of modern museum, where the life and pedagogical activity of Khachatur Abovyan would be presented. At the same time with the reconstruction of the museum a bronze statue of Khacahtur Abovyan created by Andreas Ter-Marukyan in Paris was erected in the area of the museum.

    In 1978 a new building of the museum was built with 500 square meters of exhibition area.

    In 2005 the House-museum was basically reconditioned and in 2010 a new exhibition was opened: the family house with its 4 rooms and the exhibition hall with its 12 departments.


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