Michael Shengelia Museum for the History of Georgian Medicine

Tbilisi, Georgia
by Музей истории Грузинской Медицины имени Михаила Шенгелияя

Michael Shengelia Museum for the History of Georgian Medicine - Cya On The Road

 An 18th-century German physician and scientist, Kurt Joachim Sprengel, in his famous five-volume work “Verfuch Einer Pragmatifchen Gefchichte der Arzneykunde” (1821), gives a chronological overview of the history of world medicine. He begins his story with a description of Colchis medicine and then continues the story about the medicine of other ancient countries of old civilization. Medea, the daughter of King of Kolhida of the Bronze Age, turned into a synonym for medical wisdom. Sprengel called this knowledge “Cura Mediana” which means treatment like Medea.  Another name    Mikhail Shengelia museum of the History of Georgian Medicine is Medea-Museum. The museum exposition makes clear the well-known thesis about the primacy of Colchis -Iberian Medicine, its genetic and cultural connection with the Sumerian, Mediterranean world, Europe. In the exhibition halls you will find a fascinating journey along with Georgian medicine from ancient times to the present day. You will see pre-historical archaeological material mined in Georgia, unique Bronze Age archaeological artifacts, ancient Georgian medical manuscripts, unique Georgian folk medicine material mined around forty expeditions in all regions of Georgia, a rich photo collection, paintings by famous Georgian artists.

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