A big capital of a little country

Andorra, Andorra
Est. 8.8km / 2 hrs 55 mins / Map

A big capital of a little country - Cya On The Road

Andorra la Vella is the capital of our country, is one of the most important parishes. Becase is a very beautiful and turistic way with alot of things to do, for exempel: You can go in the famous biggest park of Andorra, the central park. Also you can find the more representatif shop center in Andorra, Pyrinees. If you don’t like Pyrinees you have more nice shop center, Super U, L’Eclerc... Then you can go in a very greate pavilium to jump, do backflips, frontflips... It name is 360° extrem. Next you can do a more relaxing sport like swim, yoga, gym, zumba... all of those activities can be done in the biggest sportcenter of Andorra called “Serradells”. If you like the sport you can visit the more emblematics things about Andorran’s sport, for exemple: comunal stadium, borda mateu, “poliesportiu d’Andorra”... You can be sure that you will not get bored.

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