Monuments in action: constructions of a collective memory

Buenos Aires City, CF, Argentina
Distance: 521 metres

Monuments in action: constructions of a collective memory - Cya On The Road

Monuments in Action is a territorial performance whose aim is to take over the public space making "present” the absences that dwell there. Through the historical inquiry we question and build the moment we live in: how many possible views are there for a single situation? Are we responsible for maintaining our past alive? We will do a tour of public space, where interpreters and audience walktogether in the task of discovering the territory, its spaces and dwellers in order to build an act of collective memory. This path comes with an audio guide that the audience can activate in their mobile devices. The audio guide contains testimonies of the people who inhabit such territory.Through the multiplicity of voices, we want to decolonize the notion of memory, offering the experience of a collective reconstruction of history, creating bonds of living memory that bring into question the type of monuments that represent us today as a society. The objective of the performance Monuments in Action is to set forth the different viewpoints that a community can have about the same event and build an urban path which includes the audience. The project develops the process of a construction of a collective memory by a whole community and the power we have to change reality when we are all together and we express openly. Monuments in Action has been developed in Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Valparaiso.

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