Aruba 4-day Local Guide

Palm Beach, Aruba; Aruba, Aruba; Pes Chiquito, Aruba; San Nicolaas, Aruba
Distance: 3 km (Map)

The four-day guided tour around Aruba is designed for visitors interested in an authentic and relaxing travel experience. The tour lets you discover Aruba's natural beauty, with views of the vast blue sea and tropical breezes between the greenery. The tour is handy, no exertion of mind and muscle and it offers the perfect spots to flick through your newest book. The cuisine we recommend is 100% local! We recommend renting a car for the tour. We wish you a pleasant visit!

Aruba 4-day Local Guide - Cya On The Road

Please keep in mind that an extensive exposure to heat and humidity can lead to headaches, dizziness or nausea. Protect your skin with sun cream that is reef friendly.

Emergency Number in Aruba: 911. Hospital: Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital Aruba

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