Laguna - Historic Centre

Laguna, SC, Brazil
Est. 1.9km / 37 mins / Map

Laguna - Historic Centre - Cya On The Road

Welcome! This tour will guide you through Laguna, a town that, even before The Portuguese Colonization of Brazil, in 1494, was mentioned in the Treaty of Tordesillas because of its geographic position over the meridian line that divided the world between two of the maritime European powers of the time: Portugal and Spain.After Santa Catarina was proclaimed a republic, Laguna’s greatest heroine Anita Garibaldi became known in the world.The history full of great facts, which alternated moments of progress and stagnation, is showed by its houses in the historic center of the city. The streets are in fact an open sky museum, where one can appreciate, learn and understand the history and culture of this city and its people through architecture and natural landscape.The characteristics of each architectural style reflect particular moments of history, housing needs, economic power, customs and culture. You can get to learn and feel the history of Laguna walking through the streets of the Historic Center and following the routes where the representative buildings are marked.We wish you a pleasant visit!

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