Guatavita Lagoon

Bogota, D.C., Colombia; Chía, Colombia; Tocancipá, Colombia; Sesquilé, Colombia
Distance: 64 km (Map)

Guatavita Lagoon - Cya On The Road

One of the most famous legends of our territory, is known as El Dorado; The tradition tells that the Cacique (leader) of the Muiscas had to go during special ceremonies to the Guatavita lagoon to fertilize the mother earth with the power of the sun, represented in the gold and thus maintain the prosperity of its people.However, very little can  express the words about this incredible place compared to  the overwhelming experience that results from knowing and enjoying it. Today you will have the opportunity to Leave Bogotá from the North part of the city, see beautiful landscapes of the Savannah and get to know fully one of the most important treasures of Colombian history ,while walking through your own steps, the eastern mountain range of the Andes and witnessing its different ecosystems.

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