Palakkad - The Granary of Kerala

Ottapalam, KL, India; Alathur, KL, India; Palakkad, KL, India; Chittur, KL, India
Est. 251.2km / 5 hrs 35 mins / Map

Palakkad - The Granary of Kerala - Cya On The Road

Palakkad is the largest district of Kerala situated at the foot of the majestic Western Ghats. The district was formed in the year 1957 and is very close to the neighbouring state of Tamil tour will take you to some of the top rated tourist destinations in Palakkad.Being the largest district in Kerala there are a lot more places in this district to explore. Some of them are listed below for your reference.Religious placesKalpathy TempleNature & wildSeethargundu ViewpointKava View point MalampuzhaKannimara TeakDhoni WaterfallsAttapadi Reserve ForestPalagapandi estate nelliyampathyDamPothundi DamSiruvani DamKanjaripuzha DamPothundi Reservoir       References:Acknowledgements:We express our sincere gratitude to the Director of Kerala Tourism, for the support and to grant permission for using Kerala Tourism content and photographs for the production of this audio tour.We also give due credit to the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Palakkad for providing us with the photographs and photographers in Wikimedia for using the photographs listed under Wikimedia commons collection for some of the attractions with appropriate citation.Content Provider Details:Content Author           : Ms Ambili Prabhakaran, KannurEditing & Scripting      : Ms Bharaty Menon, KottayamVoice Over Artist         : Ms Bharaty Menon, KottayamDisclaimer:The content and photographs used in the audio tour are aggregated from Kerala Tourism website and from various other published sources, written, edited and scripted by the respective authors and does not reflect Kerala Tourism's official position in any way. Informap and its authors disclaim any direct or indirect harm, loss or injury caused by using this audio tour.                

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