Mumbai Marine Drive Car Tour

Mumbai, MH, India
Est. 5.0km / 1 hr

Welcome to the Marine Drive Car Tour. In this tour we will cover the whole of South Mumbai, right from the prominent places of worship to the leisure and romantic spots to unwind, relax and make most of your vacay in Mumbai. If you are a Mumbaiite and happen to miss out on many of these famous attractions in the city, then this guide will give you a complete walkthrough.

Mumbai Marine Drive Car Tour - Cya On The Road

Before we start let us give you some instructions.You can put the auto play mode on in izi.TRAVEL app and keep your phone in your pocket. The app will play the audio as you reach close to each destination. But at some destinations there won’t be internet available so we would recommend you to download the tour before you start the tour. Also, you can stop at any time and start the audio at the same spot later. Don’t worry if the site is closed or blocked. We will continue the tour at the next destination.

Mumbai has tropical climate with 7 dry months and extreme Monsoon rains. So, we would recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and clothing because at some places you might have to walk quite a bit. Also make sure you stay aware of your surroundings at all times and obey all the rules and traffic signals.

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