The Origin and Spread of Vipassana

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The Origin and Spread of Vipassana - Cya On The Road

Painting gallery depicts the chronological events as they occurred in the life of Gotamathe Buddha. The central theme of some of the stories reflects the equanimous state ofmind of the Buddha and his chief disciples in adverse situations. Apart from this it alsothrows light on the history of 2500 yrs of the Buddha sasana.The paintings in the gallery have been prepared under the guidance of Shri SatyanarayanGoenkaji by artists from Myanmar who worked with a lot of perseverance under the ablesupervision of a renowned artist from Mumbai. There are 122 paintings on the Buddha'slife and teachings. Facilities have been provided to visitors to listen to the story behindevery picture in the language they select through the audio device. Visit to this gallery ishighly recommended.

by GVP
Vehicle for Promotion of Social Peace, Harmony and Tolerance

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