Sikandra- Akbar’s Abode of Paradise

Agra, UP, India
Est. 1.7km / 33 mins

Sikandra- Akbar’s Abode of Paradise - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Sikandra, the township established by Sikander Lodi in 1505. The Mughals madethis as their medieval city after defeating the Lodi’s. Jalaluddin Mohamed Akbar chose this sitefor his Tomb Complex.Realizing the inevitable death around the corner, he also planned for his own tomb and selected this site for it near the Jamuna River, which was renamed Bihishtabad (The Heavenly Abode). The construction began in 1602 and Akbar himself supervised the construction when he was alive, but couldn’t complete it. It was completed by his son Jehangir in 1612 on the original design of Akbar, which was a beautiful blend of Mughal, Rajputana and gothic architecture.Thank you for choosing EL as your tour guide. I am Aparna and so pleased to be yourguide in this walking tour of Sikandra. It is my pleasure to enlighten you with the stories that liein the final resting place of Akbar, the great. Let us go! and see what this great ruler has toconvey to those who visit his graveContent Provider Details:Voice Over Artist         : Ms. Aparna AsthanaScript Writer                : SahibSound Engineer          : Mr. Anurag AjithReferences:1.  Mrs. Nisha, Incredible Symbol Of Beauty by Sai Nath Book House.2.  Anupma Chandwani (2001), Romancing An Era Taj And Beyond by Brijbasi Art Press Ltd.3.  Anonymous, A New Guide by Shrinath Book Stall.4.  Lucy peck, Agra-The Architectural Heritage by The Lotus Collection.External Links:1. Official website of Uttar Pradesh Tourism department2. Media related to Sikandra Fort From Wiki Media CommonsPlease e-mail us on el for sharing your comments aboutthis tour and rate our app in the app store. Kindly share this tour in social media for the benefitof your family and friends. Good Bye and wish you a pleasant stay in Agra.

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