Shrine of Prophet Nahum - ARCH Restoration

Tilkaif, Iraq
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Shrine of Prophet Nahum - ARCH Restoration - Cya On The Road

The Shrine of Nahum houses the Biblical Prophet Nahum's tomb, as well as his sister Sarah's tomb, a Jewish school, a synagogue, and what were three guest rooms. It is located in the historic town of Alqosh in ancient Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. Nahum is an Old Testament prophet who predicted the fall of the Assyrian empire. He is also called “the Comforter” because it is believed that those who turn to him with their problems and worries will receive his intervention. The shrine plays a role for all three Abrahamic religions but was especially revered by the Jewish Kurdish community. It was their principal pilgrimage destination during the Shavuot festival until almost the entire Jewish population was forced to leave Iraq in the 1940’s and 50’s. In 2015 ARCH International found the site at the brink of collapse and quickly took action to restore it before it fell apart completely. Between 2018 and 2021 ARCH has been working with GEMA Art International, a Czech engineering firm who specialize in historic building restoration, to restore the Shrine of Nahum so it may once again be a place of pilgrimage and sanctuary.

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