Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi, Kenya
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The Museum was initiated in 1910 by a group of enthusiastic naturalists under the then East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society [currently the East African Natural History Society (EANHS)], who needed a place to keep and preserve their collections of various specimens.

Nairobi National Museum - Cya On The Road

In 1929, the colonial government set aside land for a museum construction at Museum Hill which was officially opened on 22nd September 1930 and named Coryndon Museum in honour of Sir Robert Coryndon, one time Governor of Kenya. In 1963 after independence, it was re-named the National Museum of Kenya (NMK).

The museum exhibits some of the most famous collections attributed to Human Evolution and other collections like the famous Joy Adamson paintings of the Peoples of Kenya. The Natural History collections and Cultural heritage collections are equally unmatched. This large collection has made the National Museums of Kenya one of the most sort after research destination in every genre of research.


On October 15th 2005, the Nairobi Museum closed its doors to the public for an extensive modernization and expansion project the outcome of which was an impressive and magnificent piece of architecture that puts it in competition with other world- class museums. The museum later re-opened in June 2008 as the Nairobi National Museum, and continues to draw visitors from all walks of life in appreciation of Kenya's rich heritage.

The artworks and materials used in the fabrication of outdoor sculptures, the landscaping and the botanic gardens, link to the four pillars of Kenya’s national heritage i.e. nature, culture, history and contemporary art.

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