Horse museum

Anykščiai, Utenos Apskritis, Lithuania
by Horse museum

Horse museum - Cya On The Road

The Horse Museum is one of a kind museum, located in the village Niūronys, approximately 8 kilometers from Anykščiai city. It was founded in 1978, initiated by agronomist prof. Petras Vasinauskas (1906-1995). He became famous after his horse journey across Lithuania. Having in mind the importance of the horse, nauskas together with journalist Vladas Vaicekauskas in 1975 made the journey of 1501 km. They travelled across Lithuanian roads for 43 days.The professor has chosen Anyksciai because a lot of tourists come here. The organizing council was made, the construction of the Museum started, exhibits were collected in Lithuania. The Museum was opened on June 10, 1978 and the folk festival „Run, Stallion, Run” was organized.The Horse Museum exhibits not only the agricultural tools and means of transport of the days of horses but also unique exhibits of philately, warfare and wood carvings. The museum presents various crafts; the visitors can observe the work of a weaver, ceramicist, and bread baker, also a blacksmith, and a woodcarver. Outside, in the territory of the museum, the visitors can enjoy themselves riding a horse in a horse-drawn carriage or a sleigh, or swinging on the swings. There is also a beautiful traditional landscape to get sight of.

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