Parque Cancún

Cancún, QRoo, Mexico
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Hey, hi there! I want to welcome you to Parque Cancún!

Parque Cancún - Cya On The Road

My name is Chari the jay. I’m a Yucatan jay and I live in flocks here in Parque Cancún. Have you spotted me yet? You can recognize us by our beautiful blue and black plumage! 

I’ll be your guide on this tour. Have a great time!

Each one of us deserves a proper and safe recreational space. A place that gives us a sense of identity, where we feel we belong, on this beautiful land that we make our home.

Parque Cancún is a public space developed by the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas and the NGO PARQUE CANCUN  integrated by Cancun’s business people on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of our city. It is designed so you can spend moments of contemplation, learning, recreation and sports which contribute to a better quality of life.

 At the start of your tour you will find the gardens of evolution and meditation. These spaces make the most of the exuberant beauty of the surrounding nature to stimulate mind and spirit. Here you will find ideas aimed at raising awareness with lofty ideals such as truth and beauty.

Parque Cancún is a public non-profit space, Oh yes! VERY IMPORTANT! We are the first urban park without garbage cans, our ZERO GARBAGE motto is: “What I bring, I take with me.”

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