Panoramic Road Durmitor Ring

Zabljak, Montenegro; Pluzine, Montenegro; Savnik, Montenegro
Est. 79.3km / 6 hrs / Map

The Durmitor Ring is 76 kilometres long. It starts in Žabljak and goes around the Durmitor mountains. Along the route, you will see the deepest gorge in Europe, vast plateaus and some of the highest peaks in the country. Thanks to the audio guide, you can immerse yourself in the history of the region and Montenegro and you will get to know some of the people who live here who will grant you a brief glimpse into their lives. It is worthwhile to make a detour to Ćurevac, right at the beginning of the tour. From there, you can enjoy the best view of the Tara Canyon. But don't worry – even if you don't want to take the small detour, you will still be able to enjoy an impressive view of this wonder of nature.

Panoramic Road Durmitor Ring - Cya On The Road

Important: Please download this tour before you start travelling (mobile network is limited).

The Durmitor Ring is signposted in both directions. Simply follow the brown road signs with the "Panoramic Roads" logo and the number 2. If you want to use this audio guide, you must drive counter clockwise. If you are travelling with a motorhome, it is advisable to drive clockwise. The route is not recommended for large motorhomes.

This audio guide contains directions which should help you with navigation. The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism cannot guarantee that the information and directions given are up-to-date. We therefore recommend that you drive slowly and with foresight.

On this tour, you will reach altitudes of up to 1,900 metres. Therefore, please consider taking adequate and appropriate warm clothing with you, while in good weather, we suggest wearing suitable sunscreen. Please note that entrance fees are charged at the national parks and nature parks in Montenegro.

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SoundsKarsten SchöpferJan-Erik BruunThis audio guide uses sounds from freesound (see information about the attractions)-

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