Granada City and surroundings

Granada, Nicaragua; Catarina, Nicaragua
Distance: 8 km
by Hotel con Corazon

Granada City and surroundings - Cya On The Road

Welcome to a very special tour! In this tour you will experience the beautiful and friendly city of Granada and two highlights just outside the city: Mombacho Volcano and the Apoyo Lagoon. The tour provides information about the history and tells you some extra anecdotes that cannot be found in any guidebook. On the interactive map you can find all the places on the tour. You can start at any point, or use the list to select a specific point. Do you want to take the whole tour? Just follow the recommended blue line on the map. Click 'download' to save the tour on your smartphone or tablet, or click 'open' to stream the tour by mobile internet. Have fun!Do you want to know more about the special Hotel Con Corazón? Open the People of Hotel Con Corazón here below to meet its people.

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