Skopje City Tour

Skopje, North Macedonia
Est. 6.3km / 2 hrs 5 mins / Map

Welcome to Skopje, the vibrant capital of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. This tour will take you through old pathways and stone bridges, as well as past historic sites and modern museums all nestled into this great city. Skopje has undergone a transformation in recent years thanks to the Skopje 2014 Project which saw many neglected buildings receive facelifts as well as the construction of new cultural sites of interest. So Skopje old and new is there to be discovered as we head to this little known Eastern European capital.

Skopje City Tour - Cya On The Road


Photo Skopje 2014 - Art Bridge by Pudelek is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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