Zovich village - Mariovo - cultural tour

Novaci, North Macedonia
Distance: 2 km
by OFF ROAD Macedonia

Zovich village - Mariovo - cultural tour - Cya On The Road

An incredible opportunity to meet the village of Zovikj through an easy hiking tour convenient for the whole family. Discover what makes this village special and why it is one of the most visited locations in Mariovo.It is supposed that the village Zovikj has existed on this place since the XVI-XVII century. Before that, the village was situated some 500-600 metres further, on a locality called Lenishte. That village had been burned to the ground, and afterwards the people inhabited the current location. The first name of the village was Bzovikj, due to the plant elder which can be found there in abundance. This is a hill-mountain village, the houses are built of a natural material – stone, mud and wood. In 1961 there were 388people, and there was even a school for pupils till fourth grade, as opposed to today, when there are only 10 permanent residents. The number of visitors is increased during the weekends and the summer period, first of all, due to the clean nature, the peace, the silence and second because of the feeling that takes you in the past where time has stopped. The village was completely immigrated during the First World War because it was on the front line itself. The Bulgarian army was in the village, and the peasants were banished from their homes. Almost all the houses were destroyed from the bombing, and the village church of St. Nicholas was also severely damaged. After the war, the church was restored and today it is a gathering place of the people of Zovikj for the holiday of St. Nicholas in the month of July, and especially for Epiphany, when there are some special rites being held with specific details which are not met in any other place. In the vicinity of the village, on the hill Marta, there is a church called St. Athanasius, built in the XVII century. On an hour walk, near the Crna River, there is a monastery called St. Demetrius –Chebren, the patron saint of the village.

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