Less Known Sites of Skopje Area

Skopje, North Macedonia
Est. 24.6km / 4 hrs 6 mins / Map

Less Known Sites of Skopje Area - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the tour of the Less Known Sites of Skopje Area. We are going to venture into the outskirts of Skopje, to the rural area. We will travel through villages, industrial areas and urban parts of the city that you may not otherwise visit. Or maybe you are passing there every day, but have not really paid attention. In this tour we make an exploration of the history of the city of Skopje. We see the life and work of present day people in Skopje. In the end, we go to a quiet nature place to have a moment among the plants. On our route we will first visit the archaeological site Skupi and the Roman Aqueduct, and then return to a more urban setting. We will then go to the other end of the city for a moment of relaxation among the trees and plants of both the Dendro-park and the Botanical Garden of the University of Ss Cyril and Methodius. Finally, we will ride back to our starting point. You are welcome to customize the tour by staying longer on one site, or skipping another site. You are also welcome to leave the tour at any moment you feel that it has been enough. Or even to plan to take this tour in two different days.Be aware that though we have carefully planned this route to follow bicycle paths as much as possible, at certain sections you will be riding along on streets with cars, we will also have some dirt roads that may have muddy pot holes, and there are several busy streets that we need to cross. Another important thing is that the bicycle paths are not built to follow them intuitively,  you may need to look for them. Sometimes, some bicycle paths are mixed with pedestrians deliberately. While on other bicycle paths there are occasional obstacles such as pedestrians, cars or even cyclists going the opposite direction. So be on the lookout for any movement as you ride along.

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