City of Knowledge

Ancón, PA-8, Panama
Distance: 3 km (Map)

City of Knowledge - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the City of Knowledge, an innovative community that drives social change through humanism, science, and business. We have transformed a former U.S. military base, with an area of 120 hectares and over 200 buildings, into a space for civilian use. The initial idea of replacing soldiers with students, and weapons with books, is the guiding principle that drives our vision of a thriving, inclusive, democratic, and sustainable future for Panama and the world. Today, the City of Knowledge brings together international entities, government institutions, scientific organizations, training centers, companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and creative industries, as well as outdoor spaces and areas for sports, on a campus where our aim is to encourage the generation of knowledge and collaboration in the interest of development.  We invite you to follow this route to 17 landmarks in the City of Knowledge through which you will come to understand the history and evolution of this project from its early days to the present. You will also get an overview of the history of Fort Clayton, a U.S. Army base that operated in the former Canal Zone for 80 years, until it was transferred over to the Republic of Panama in December of 1999.  You can begin your visit at any point. The order we propose is just a suggestion.  Along the way, we will remind you where you have access to free WiFi so that you can access the internet. If it’s a sunny day, we recommend you use sun block and wear a hat. We invite you to take photographs and post them on your social media accounts, tagging us as @ciudaddelsaber and commenting on your visit with the hashtag #rutacds. Welcome!We hope you enjoy your visit.

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