San Marino

San Marino, San Marino
Est. 2.3km / 1 hr 30 mins

San Marino - Cya On The Road

Hello and welcome to this tour of San Marino. In this hour long walking tour we will visit San Marino’s top locations and get a feel for this brilliant city. First of all we’ll visit the three distinct towers that have come to represent San Marino. A tower sits on each of the three summits of Monte Titano, the striking mountain in the centre of San Marino. We will also be visiting a number of churches and religious monuments which reflect the rich history of the city as well as the predominantly Catholic flavour of the country. Our tour will take you to the crossbowmen’s quarry which is still used for archery practice, and chat about the wonderful museums in the area. We’ll stroll through Liberty Square and the Public Square and get a real flavour of the culture of what is affectionately known as The Most Serene Republic of San Marino. It is the world’s smallest republic and is one of the three smallest countries in Europe, with only the Vatican City and Monaco being smaller. 

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