Lower Amu Darya State Biosphere Reserve in Uzbekistan

Gurlan tumani, Uzbekistan; Amudaryo tumani, Uzbekistan
Est. 5.1km / 2 hrs / Map

During this tour you will get to know the fauna and flora of the riparian forests near the Amu Darya River — a unique ecosystem that is typical only for Central Asia.

Lower Amu Darya State Biosphere Reserve in Uzbekistan - Cya On The Road

The route starts at the visitor center of the Lower Amu Darya State Nature Reserve and goes through the desert, patchy tugai, tugai, and coastal nature complexes to the Amu Darya River.

The path passes through the tugai forest, where one can meet Bukhara deer, listed in the Red Data Book of Uzbekistan. You can also admire the deer in the enclosure.

Near Amu Darya, you can have a rest and snack on the trestle bed. The river attracts a variety of animals. There wild boars, and jungle cats can find a lot of food on the shore you can see a lot of their traces. Meanwhile, in the evening and early morning hours, Bukhara deer come out of the riparian forest. On the trail, one can constantly see traces of karaganka fox, Asian badger, tolai hare, and jackal.

During the walk, you will hear and see a lot of birds that live in this area all year round or those which come only to nest. In the biosphere reserve, they are provided with peace and a rich food base.

This excursion can be interesting for children of any age, photographers as well as for specialists like biologists, zoologists, and ornithologists.

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