Poykent Museum

Qorako'l tumani, Uzbekistan
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Welcome to the exhibition of Bukhara State Art – Architectural Museum Preserve!

Poykent Museum - Cya On The Road

Bukhara State Museum – Preserve has the precious collection of oriental rarities and net of many historic and ethnographic exhibitions, located both in the city and its suburbs.

The expedition of the Archaeology Institute of Science Academy (The Republic of Uzbekistan) and State Hermitage (Russia) have been leading excavation works in the territory of Paykend settlement for 20 years.

History of Paykend settlement

Paykend is located in 60 km southwest of Bukhara (the Karakul district), in ancient delta of the Zarafshan River. In old times the city was the residence of Bukhara rulers and occupied the area of 20 hectares.

City was founded in the IVth - IIIrd cc. B.C. as a frontier citadel in Iran’s boundary. The Great Silk Road connected the oasis with India, Iran, China, the Caucasus, Ural, Syria, and other countries passed through the city.

Paykend was one of the flourishing cities of the early Middle Ages. Different crafts such as weaving, ceramics, bronze founding, jewelry, glass, perfumery, and other crafts developed here.

History of Paykend settlement Museum was opened next to the ancient settlement in 2003. The history of Bukhara oasis from the earliest times and formation of the Uzbek State system is traced in this museum.

The exhibitions have the articles of material and spiritual culture, found during 20 years continuing archaeological researches. Among those are:

-          Carved stamped ceramics;

-          Armament: swords, daggers, arrow-heads, spear-heads, iron-clad plates of armour;

-          Unique wall-paintings of the 5th –6th cc.;

-          Jewelry articles;

-          Coins;

-          Children ceramic toys;

-          Pharmaceutical and perfumery vessels.

Making of the historic-landscape museum – preserve at the settlement will be planned in the future. Hotel for tourists by sample of the Middle Ages caravanserais, youth base of rest, and international training center will be functioned here.

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