Early History of the Eastern Shore

Risdon, TAS, Australia; Hobart, TAS, Australia; Geilston Bay, TAS, Australia; Rosny Park, TAS, Australia; Bellerive, TAS, Australia; Howrah, TAS, Australia; Rokeby, TAS, Australia
Est. 31.6km / 2 hrs / Map

I would first like to begin by acknowledging and paying my respects to the mumirimina and paredarerme people, and the wider palawa community, the Traditional Custodians of the land of trayapana through which this route passes.

Early History of the Eastern Shore - Cya On The Road

This route will take you along a section of the eastern shore of the Derwent River which has an important history in the first three decades of the European colonisation, and was an important landscape under the custodianship of the indigenous Tasmanians for thousands of years prior. 

The route is intended as a bicycle tour, and should take roughly two to two and a half hours one way, running primarily along the shore of the Derwent, providing scenic views across the Derwent to Hobart. 

Hobart’s Eastern Shore, now part of the city of Clarence, has been inhabited for around forty thousand years. The original inhabitants of this area prior to colonisation were the mumirimina people, whose land stretched from approximately South Arm to Kempton. The mumirimina were a clan of the paredarerme nation, or Oyster Bay Tribe, who called their land trayapana.


Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural material or sites are defined as ‘relics’ and therefore protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975. It is an offence to destroy, damage, deface, conceal, remove or otherwise interfere with a relic. It is also an offence not to report the finding of a relic. So if you suspect that an Aboriginal rockshelter has been discovered during your activity, do not interfere with the site. Report the site to Aboriginal Heritage Ta‚Äčsmania.  Provide the location of the site and images on the Aboriginal Heritage Site Reporting Form and forward to aboriginal@heritage.tas.gov.au.


Figure 1: Kangaroo Bay c. 1882, Walker, James Backhouse, retrieved 29/05/2020, at https://eprints.utas.edu.au/3581/

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