Marrickville: Carrington Rd Industrial Heritage

Marrickville, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Est. 1.4km / 29 mins

Travel through 100 years of industrial history in just 700 metres on this walking tour of Carrington Road. You'll hear about industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs and their role in corporations large and small, mergers and acquisitions and how they responded to the major events of the Twentieth Century, and discover the early development of technology which we now take for granted in our daily lives. Start at the Marrickville Pumping Station and make your way past major factories such as Davies Coop, General Motors-Holden, AH Peters and Duly & Hansford on your left. Cross Carrington Rd to learn about FJ Hodges, Tecnico, Pye and Rega Products on the western side of Carrington Rd. Finish the tour by learning about the Department of Civil Aviation and its radio school and as you return to Myrtle Street, travel back in time to find out about what was here before the factories.

Marrickville: Carrington Rd Industrial Heritage - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Country

Carrington Road and its factories are built on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. Listen here to Aunty Ann Weldon’s Welcome to Country.


This self-guided walking tour is made possible by the Inner West Council and has been created by Louisa King and Ali Wright, and recorded on site at Baxter Audio in the Carrington Road building that has been General Motors, Davies Coop and the Department of Civil Aviation. Produced and narrated by Steve Shanahan, the creators also wish to thank Inner West Council Library & History, Marrickville Heritage Society, Holden Retirees Club, the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and local historians Chrys Meader and Sue Castrique for their inspiration, as well as Aunty Ann Weldon, Amie Zar, Annabella Silva, Dave Stimson, Dennis Grant, Tony Dickson, Joyce Roy, Howard Grace, Rod Aanensen, Richard Blair, and the many others we have met along the way.

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